EU Projects


MedGUIDE is a European research project that provides an innovative approach to support seniors with dementia with their medication adherence through smart pillboxes and social networking. The project aims to help seniors with mild cognitive impairments living at home by


IOANNA project focuses on mobility and social engagement. It will address user needs and integrate technological components of four successful AAL projects (T&TNET, zocaalo, SOPHIA and Elders-Up!, and two commercial products (Kwido and




FrailSafe started on January 2016. It aims to better understand frailty and its relation to other health conditions by developing a set of measures and tools, together with recommendations to reduce its onset. To achieve these objectives, FrailSafe combines state of the art information technologies and data mining techniques with high-level expertise in the field of health and ageing



The STAGE platform provides a simple application by means of which elderly users can choose the live performance or events’ package they want to access through common digital devices like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs or computers. The new service will be offered through streaming technology by a network of European and worldwide cultural stakeholders and providers


The project “Social Interactive Care System to support the wellbeing of people living with dementia” (acronym: Many-Me) is a European research project within the Active and Assisted Living Programme. Many-Me is realized under Call 2016 “Living well with dementia”



The ReMember-Me system will include daily sleep, activity and mood assessment, alternating-daily, short-assessment exercises; utilized as a subtle tool for the detection of cognitive decline, daily training, and monitoring through meaningful exercises for older adults


GUIDed is a research and development project whose ambition is to develop services that make the use of existing technology solutions more relevant for older end-users, and easier to use… 


iCan is about assisting the everyday life of senior adults. An online platform and application that focuses on intriguing seniors to occupy themselves with something that will help them remain active and self-assisted


ReMember-Me is a system that offers an innovative paradigm taking under consideration not only cognition but also emotional wellbeing, activity and sleep patterns and socialization, promoting human interactions in the context of cognitive fitness and decline and offering individualized suggestions for a healthy brain


The platform intends to analyze the status of the elderly person, both physically and mentally, in terms of fragility, and then assign individualized physical and mental exercises to avoid the risk of possible falls, using an accessible and affordable solution that combines videos for exercises and serious games to both train and detect physical or cognitive fragility